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In this article, I am going to talk discuss Factory Method Pattern. This is one of the creational design patterns and this is also known as a Virtual Constructor. Generally in Java, we use new keyword to create the object of a class. This is perfectly fine for small programs. But think of an enterprise-level large-scale application then it will become complex to manage the code. In the Singleton pattern, we don’t create instances using the new keyword, and here also the same. Simply, we can understand it from the name itself, making use of classes that act as factories…


This is a new topic that I am going to talk about. Most of the developers might heard about design patterns or maybe that word. In interviews also you will be asked about design patterns even it for an Associate position.

What is Design Pattern?

It is a general solution for common problems that occurring in software design and it is more like a pre-designed template that we can customize to solve the problem. You can’t directly convert into code because it is just a general concept for solving specific problems. For easier understanding, you know that Dollar is the standard currency for the…


you might have learned javascript here and there some people might have learned in their school IT subject. But most of the developers started to learn JS when the stacks like MEAN and MERN came into the picture. Because on that point onwards JS has changed in many aspects. Ecma is the foundation of JS. Each and every developer must know the fundamental of JS. So lets talk about some of the modern concept of JS.


There are 3 ways of declare a variable in JS, one is using var keyword next one is let and other one is const


Most of the young people play online games right? There is a time where we played a game called “Barn buddy”. In that game, we had our own farm, a small house, and other animals like horses, cows, and etc. And also we can have a dog to protect the farm from other player stealing goods from our farm. It was school time back then, so some of my friends didn’t have PC at their home. So they give their Facebook credential to a friend who had PC and said to open the his facebook daily and feed the dog…


What is HTTP?

The World Wide Web’s foundation is the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), which is used to load web pages(such as HTML documents) via hypertext links. HTTP is an application layer protocol that operates on top of other layers of the network protocol stack to convey data between networked devices. A typical HTTP flow comprises a client sending a request to a server, which then responds with a message.

In this article, I am going to discuss SOAP and REST. Let’s begin with a straightforward example: human communication. Language (both written and spoken), gestures, and facial expressions may all be used to describe our thoughts, needs, and ideas. User interface components such as a screen with a menu and graphical elements, a keyboard, and a mouse are required for interaction with computers, applications, and websites. To interact with each other, software or its components do not require a GUI and this is where API comes in. API is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each…


In this article I am going talk about Evolution of software Architecture from standalone to micro-services.

One-Tier Architecture


Lets say you are using Facebook and suddenly someone put a post about an application saying that you can earn money by using this app or something like that, so then you suddenly go to the play store and installed that app. First, do you think it is legit?, do you know what sort permission that you gave to that application?. Why a calculator app needs to know whats inside your gallery ????. Ha Ha. I don’t know what to say but that is the reality and you have already exposed to this world. Who read the Privacy policy from…

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Everything in the world is entirely depend on Date and Time. Today it is 16th of May 2021 and now it is 12.14 AM but is it the same time in the entire world, No right, why because obviously we know that the earth is a globe shape and Earth rotates around its axis as it revolves around the sun. So sun can’t show up to all the spot in the earth at the same time. So half of the earth will have day time and half of the earth will have night time. There are 24 time zones in…

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what is Thread??

It is a flow of execution through the process code and the process can contain multiple threads which is known as Multi-threading. Basically its a multiple flow of execution. So running multiple task at a certain time. This is where most of the people misunderstood, let’s say there is a process which runs for 10 minutes and there is no guarantee that creating ten threads for this process will cut down the time to one minute, because there maybe dependent tasks can be run in a program. But time can be cut down up to 7 or 8 seconds and…

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